Help Skippers and Crew Find Each Other

If you are a skipper, please consider adopting a "Newbie" and helping them learn "the ropes". You will generally find an enthusiastic crew member that will often go the extra mile to help with boat chores and help provision the boat with delicious tidbits and libations.

This article, although a bit dated, has some good points about adopting new crew. It focuses on racing, but many of the ideas apply to all of sailing. The Capture, Care, and Feeding of the Deck Ape.

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How does the crew list work?

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        How does the crew list work?

You start by filling out the form located by the pressing on "Add Your Name To The Crew List" button above. The form contains your contact information, your preferences in sailing and any qualifications that you may have. By the way, we encourage beginners to submit their names to the crew list. Many skippers prefer training someone new rather than trying to get rid of "bad" habits of "experienced" crew. We also encourage skippers to try out new crew members. Like most sports we like to get new people involved.

Once the form is submitted you are emailed a confirmation with your username and password. The username and password allows you to renew, modify or delete your posting at any time. The postings appear on this web site under the crew list category which you selected. Skippers with boats or crew looking for boats, depending on which list you are on, will contact you, if they are interested.

We have been running this crew list since 1996 and it really does work.

        The Newbies Crew List

This list is for people who want to learn how to sail. When filling out the form explain the reasons why you want to learn to sail and what your personality can bring to the boat. Also, elaborate on what non-sailing skills (i.e., medical, culinary, comedic) you are willing to contribute to the crew. You should also check out our learn to sail page for other ideas on how to learn to sail.

        The Racing Crew List

This list is for both Bay and Ocean Racing. When filling out your experience try not to oversell yourself because it will become apparent soon after you start what your real qualifications are. You can select as many crew positions as you want. This is the most active crew list and it can get you on a boat quickly. We encourage beginners to post. You would be surprised how many skippers would prefer an enthusiastic beginner over someone with experience. The listing expires after 90 days, if not renewed.

        The Cruising Crew List

This list is for Bay Cruising. If you're looking to sail on the Bay and meet some new friends, this is the list for you. Experience is less important than for racing and it's a good way to get your feet wet, so to speak. When a skipper contacts you to go sailing, it's a good idea to ask him about his experience. You don't want to go out as a novice with a novice skipper. The Bay can be a tricky place to sail. Skippers appreciate it if you volunteer to bring food or drink along for the sail. The listing expires after 90 days, if not renewed.

        The Ocean Cruising Crew List

This is the list if you want to sail to Tahiti or another far off place. The Ocean Cruising list can make your dream of sailing in warm tropical waters come true. Many skippers who do long distance cruising look for crew to accompany them to their destinations. Although experience can be important, it is not the primary qualification. Compatibility is probably the most important asset to have. In addition, if you have certain skills like cooking, medical, mechanical, or navigation, or anything that can add to the self reliance of the boat, are important. Keep in mind that there have been more relationships started or ended as a result of sailboat cruising than just about anything else. You will be in very close quarters with the other crew members for days if not weeks at a time. The listing expires after 180 days, if not renewed.

        The Pick-up Crew List

By popular demand, this list is for last minute or one time crew needs, if someone needs a crew member for just one race. Or if someone wants to go sailing on a particular weekend while on vacation or any other reason. Also, if you want to race on a particular racing series. This is sort of a catch all list. Don't forget to put your dates available in comments field. The listing expires after 30 days, if not renewed.

        The Skippers List

Also by popular demand, Skippers can post crew wanted requests. It makes sense. Many skippers have specific requirements they can post. Also, some crew don't want to post their names but don't mind calling a skipper that did. The listing expires after 90 days, if not renewed