Crew List Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when filling out the Crew List.

  • It's better to understate your experience than overstate it.
  • Username and Password are required so you can delete or modify your listing at any time. Please remember them because you may need them later if you want to renew, modify or delete you listing.
  • You will be emailed 7 days prior to your crew listing expiring. The email will have instructions on renewing your listing without having to fill out the form again.
    The listings expire on the following schedule.
    - Racing 90 days
    - Cruising 90 days
    - Ocean Cruising 180 days
    - Pick up list 30 days
    - Skippers 90 days
    - Newbies 90 days
  • Skippers looking for crew can also use this service.
  • The pick up list is for last minute crew on a specific date. This list works best for skippers looking to fill a position for a specific race. Or If someone is visiting from out of town and wants to go sailing on a specific day. Please don't forget to put the dates in the comments field
  • Use the comments field to elaborate on you experience/requirements.