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Company Name:WOODY'S WHARF Update
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2318 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, CA. 92663
Tel: 949 675-0474 
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Rating: one star Reviewer:   Wayne Duquette   09-May-06

Comment: I was visiting the Newport Beach area 5/06/2006 to attend my Brothers wedding in Orange. I arrived a day early, went to see the ocean at Newport Beach, and was looking for a nice place to get some Fish and Chips. Most parking in the downtown Newport Beach area is extremely limited, and I cruised the downtown area for 1/2 hour or so, looking for a casual dining, semi-popular place, with available parking, where I could get my Seafood meal preference. On Newport Blvd, there appeared to be several "Trendy" eateries, where one could go to be seen, while fashionably yapping on one's cellphone. However, I seeked a less superficial crowd, with reasonable prices. I was plesantly suprised, when I first passed by Woody's Warf, and saw casually dressed folks, walking in, from the large out-front-of-business parking lot. I turned around, and went in. Inside, the restaurant had ample dining space, inside and outside on the patio, with a nice "Large open view" of the warf, and yachts crusing by outside. I sat on the outside patio, which had several huge patio heaters to keep the patio comfortably warm when the sun went down. Service was fast, white linen tablecloths, and the nice portion of tasty, battered fish and coleslaw, and fries, including a warm,loaf of sliced bread with House spread,...was 11.00. There may be cheaper Fish and Chips in the immediate area, but the total dining experience was more enjoyable than the typical "Grind" joint. I would reccomend Woody's to any and all, who want a casual dining experience, nice view, good menu selection, and quick service. For the "Trendy" cellphone "notice me's", who need to cackle inanely out-loud at drab conversation, or loudly share your cell phone conversations with a room full of strangers, so someone will possibly envy your popularity,....please don't stop at Woody's.

I am from Vegas, made the 4 hour trip on a 2004 Honda Goldwing (the cadillac of tour bikes), and will most likely make the trip again before the year is out. I will also return to Woody's.

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