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Company Name:Captain Kirk's Sailing Adventures Update
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Fast, fun sailing for up to 6 people. Clipper Harb, Sausalito, CA
Tel: 650-492-0681  Cell: 650 492-0681 
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Rating: one star Reviewer:   Dr. John McDermott   19-Jul-06

Comment: Ocean spray, 20 knot winds, and the silent speed of Capt Kirk's 36 foot sail boat guided us around the "Bay". We hiked out at 30 degrees vertical and 8 knots speed as we came to the starboard side of Alcatraz. But the best part of this adventure was tacking out under the Golden Gate and hearing our "echoes" rebound off the underside of the Golden Gate. Seeing the Golden Gate from this perspective is truly a "once in a life time" experience. Capt Kirk knows these waters better than the "back of his hand" and feels secure allowing even the Novice to guide the ship through varying currents of the "Bay". We sailed also under the Bay Bridge and by the AT & T baseball field, but alas, Barry Bonds and the Giants were out of town. This has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Don't procrastinate , "Just Do It" as the Nike commercial says.

Dr. John McDermott

Madison, WI

Rating: one star Reviewer:   Alan North   15-Jun-06

Comment: Often I gaze at the boats upon the Bay and wish I were out there. And sometimes there is a craft healed over, moving fast with perfectly trimmed sails and it think that one, I want to be on that one. Well that fantasy boat may well be the Flying Tiger. You would never know it when you step off the dock and onto its deck. It does not look special. But once out of port and into the wind, the Flying Tiger rears up like a racehorse and you know you are on a racing craft.

Captain Kirk's enthusiasm for sailing is only matched by his competence. He loves sailing, loves sharing the experience, and is overjoyed to teach anyone who wants to learn. A day sailing with Captain Kirk is always a great day on the Bay.

Rating: one star Reviewer:   Annette Hulse   14-Jun-06

Comment: I sailed with Capn Kirk on a beautiful day in the bay, it was the best! Captain Kirk is a great sailor and really fun to sail with. He is very knowledgeable and made the trip truly enjoyable. My son was hooked, so he was given a sailing trip for he and 5 friends as a high school graduation gift. Boy did they have a blast! A couple of the kids got to help sail the boat under Capn Kirk's supervision, which was a total hit.

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