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Company Name:California Sailing Cooperative Update
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11511 Moorpark St. #4, Studio City, California 91602
Tel: (818) 760-7039  Fax: (818 760-7039
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Rating: one star Reviewer:   Thomas Ubelacker   01-May-09

Comment: The California Sailing Cooperative (CSC from here on) is one of the most unique sailing schools one could imagine! I was deeply involved with CSC for close to 12 years and can only recommend this excellent sailing school for anyone who does not want a short term, high pressure, high cost sailing experience! CSC's sailboat "Mystic" is one of the finest and best maintained sailing vessels around, the certified skippers and certified mates are among the best in the business. Anyone joining has the choice to learn at his/her own pace, let it be a few weeks, a few months, a year or longer! No one is ever pressured to perform what they are not always willing to do or afraid to do, let it be for your desire of recreational sailing only or a high level of competitiveness to achieve certifications a.s.a.p. No one will ever pressure the member to achieve, yet the teaching is continuous and all around thorough! Since CSC is a non-profit organization, there's only one small extra contribution expected and that is to help from time to time with simple maintenance chores on work party days, about once a month, yet a member can do that every other month as well, there's never any pressure and there are no 'guilt trips'! Larger items of maintenance are always done by top professionals as to keep the vessel in the best and safest shape possible! The cruises are great social events for small groups of the membership, the experience of visiting So-Cal islands is the best one can find. All training and certification is up to the highest and most up to date standards of the American Sailing Association,anyone eager to learn 'hands-on' in the best way possible can't go wrong! And that is from day one, including the day you go sailing for orientation only! You may find yourself at the helm within hours from your first boarding and experience the incredible thrill of sailing a sailboat of considerable size, something you could only have dreamed about! Plus, you can't beat the price of membership! Compared to individual boat ownership or the cost to be involved with other sailing institutions, you're paying only cents on the dollar! If going sailing or 'rather be sailing', is what you envision for a couple of days a month (and then maybe more as available), you have found the right sailing club/school. The safety, the friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie and the top professional level of sailing education you will find at CSC is unsurpassed and always guaranteed! Even if you envision private boat ownership one day, no other sailing school will prepare you better than CSC for the trials and tribulations, responsibilities and expenses of your personal and individual boat ownership! You just may find out that being a member of CSC is all you need to satisfy your urge of being on a sailboat a couple of days a month! Go check it out! There is no better deal.

Captain Thomas Ubelacker,

Certified ASA instructor and former member of CSC.

P.S: I retired from CSC due to many issues resulting from my regular work and other important social demands.

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