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Box 369, Key West, FL 33041,
Tel: (305) 293-1883 
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Rating: one star Reviewer:   Barbara Hutchins   18-Nov-09

Comment: "Captain" Dave is mentally ill. He is kinda nice in the begining, but after a couple of drinks he turns into some kind of violent creep. He threatens everyone around him for no reason what so ever and in our case he called the police, who in the end arrested him in his own residence and ordered him to stay away (from his own place) for 24 hours. The previouse night I woke in the middle of the night as his sausages where burning on the stove. There whas a lot of smoke and Im glad to be alive today. His residents at Margaret st. in Key West actually burned almost to the ground since then. Dave has been banned from almost every bar in Key West, and is facing Jail time for numerous assaults. His latest assault was only 8 days ago where he hit a woman in her chest so hard that she had a fractured rib and bruising on her lounge. See details at

Rating: one star Reviewer:   John Miles   23-Oct-09

Comment: Outstanding Charter. I took my family to the reefs for snorkeling. The boat was excellent and the service was outstanding. Great job SMS

Rating: one star Reviewer:   Stori Upright   21-Aug-08

Comment: I recently took a trip down to the keys and was introduced to Captain Dave Griener, we had a big party and wanted to do a sunset cruise. He took all 12 of us on Tkki a huge catamaran. Not only did he provide snacks and sodas for us but he also offered to purchase the beer and wine so all we had to bring was ourselves. The boat was immaculate and very well maintained. He took us to a protected reef and provided all the snorkeling gear. After snorkeling for hours we all got to relax and enjoy the ride back literally sailing into the sunset!! I was an amazing trip.

Rating: one star Reviewer:   allen kuhn   14-Aug-08

Comment: I would not recommend Dave Griner or Southernmost sailing

The chartered boat had several problems and delays (see list below)

After promissing to refund a portion of our cost, and after promissing "A check is in the mail. I will take care of you bro", Dave came up with excuses three weeks after our charter ended. Offers of settlement were ignored and we are still in dispute for the promissed refund due to conditions and problems of the charter boat.

List of problems with boat and delays: sea worthiness items ------------------------ right engine stalling - fixed after two attempts left engine stalling (found wednesday) lines extremely worn (dock lines, engine lift lines, reef line) engines start in gear, should only start in neutral cleats too small - engine lift tachometer not working no fuel guage (told to use stick - no stick provided) fire extinguishers not secure mainsheet traveler is broken (temporarily fixed) not enough mooring lines (only one frayed) anchor lines do not contain enough scope plow anchor end not secured (lost in tuesday storm) VHF radio display deteriorating, unsure if still usable top hatch locks not in place - unable to lock/unlock from on deck rudder operation questionable no safe storage for dingy gas tank dingy motor not operational or operation not shown flares expired, told to find new packages below rear steps are jagged and barnacle covered unsafe for child swimmers bow swim ladder is broken

living condition items ------------------------ boat not cleaned (especially food storage) microwave unoperational (no power outlet) fans not working (two replaced monday, third stopped working wednesday) ligths not working (fixed monday) doors do not secure(attempted to fix monday) starboard windows leak speaker doesnt work no hot water

conveniance items ------------------ storage areas not cleared for gear (bags, dirty linens, etc) screens incorrect size - gaps curtains missing (bathroom, starboard cabin) lights fixed but cover missing

contract defiencies (not including seaworthy, conditions above) -------------------------------------------------------------- provisioning not done water tank empty tanks not topped off (boat was supposed to be filled and fuel charges if returned empty) boat checkout meeting not thorough due to delays layout of boat not as described (berth missing) rear swim ladders not included as pictured can opener missing

statements made ------------------------------------------------- everything is included - not generator, not windlass told to get block ice at gas dock at 5:00, unlikely any left

delays -------------------------- day 1 engine dingy change not provisioned right engine stalling

day 2 (until 1:47 pm) ----------------- cleaning removing items repairing engine repairing lights, fans, traveler

day 3 ------- spent two hours working on dingy motor

day 4/day 5 air conditioning not repaired as promissed

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