Sign up your boat for the RMS.

In order to make use of the Sailboat Race Management System, you first have to configure the system for your boat.
  1. Fill out the boat and skipper information.
  2. Then log on to the RMS.
  3. Add your crew's email addresses by going to the email page.
  4. Activate the auto email feature by going to the advanced email page.
  5. Make sure you give your crew the crew password, so they can access the RMS.
Fields with an * are required. All other fields are optional, but may be useful as they will appear in the boat information area for the crew's use.
Boat Name: *
Boat Type: *
Boat Location: * (Marina)
The boat address information is used to create a map and directions to the boat.
Boat Address:
Boat City:
Boat State:
Boat Zip:
Skipper's Name: *
Skipper's Address:
Skipper's City:
Skipper's State:
Skipper's Zip:
Skipper's Email: *
Skipper's Home Phone:
Skipper's Work Phone:
Skipper's Cell Phone:
Check if you want to add co-skipper information.
Crew Password: *
Crew password must be different than Skipper's.
Skipper/Admin Password: *
Make boat information public on Boat Directory. Yes No